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Company Profile

Mauritius Telecom (MT) has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of ICT, breaking new ground and opening up new opportunities for the Mauritian population.

The expertise gathered by Mauritius Telecom has also been acknowledged at international level as testified by the numerous awards received in the last four years.

Confirming our leadership position in Africa

Mauritius Telecom was named Africa Operator of the Year for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017 and was conferred the 2018 Company Award by the FTTX Council. The Company also received the Best Network Improvement 2017 Award from AfricaCom and the Ai ICT/Telecoms Deal of the Year 2018 Award from Africa Investor. Moreover, MT was the Cisco Partner Plus FY 2018 Champion’s Club Winner for Africa as well as the Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year for MEA & Turkey in 2018.

Transforming the ICT sector in Mauritius

The Company has a customer base of 1.3 million subscribers, ranking as the leading provider of ICT services and solutions in Mauritius.

Mauritius Telecom has a rich legacy. The Company is closely linked to the introduction and development of telecommunications sector in Mauritius. The installation of the first telephone line dates back to 1883.

From a state-owned entity, Mauritius Telecom has successfully undertaken its transition into a private company in the context of the liberalisation of the country's telecommunications sector.

In 2000, Mauritius Telecom entered into a strategic partnership with France Telecom, now Orange S.A, which acquired 40% of its shares.

Moving into the new digital era

Mauritius Telecom has been and will continue to be one of the key drivers of socio-economic transformation of the Republic of Mauritius by creating and nurturing an environment conducive to the growth of the ICT industry, which has become a major pillar of our country’s economy.

The Company has since end 2017 completed the island-wide fibre deployment which required an investment of some Rs 5.1 billion. Households and businesses in Mauritius now reap the benefits of ultra-high-speed broadband internet.

This is having a multiplier effect, opening up new employment opportunities and enhancing the attractiveness of Mauritius as a global ICT destination for foreign investors by giving a new impetus to the ICT/BPO sector. It has also given rise to a new generation of techno-entrepreneurs.


Following the completion of fibre deployment across the country, Mauritius Telecom has undertaken the continuous modernisation and expansion of its network and service platforms in order to respond to the increasing demand for bandwidth.

Mauritius Telecom’s international network operates mainly by optical submarine cable. For international connectivity, Mauritius Telecom has three independent routes which serve for redundancy in case of cable breakdown.

Since early 2019, Mauritius Telecom has completed the Mauritius and Rodrigues Submarine Cable Project (MARS), thus connecting Rodrigues to mainland Mauritius and consequently to the rest of the world. This has opened up new avenues for Rodrigues’ socio-economic development.

Mauritius Telecom has also signed an agreement to be the anchor tenant of the IOX Submarine Cable System – the third Mauritian submarine cable, which will connect Mauritius, Reunion Island and Rodrigues to South Africa and India.

Due to the growing demand for international bandwidth, the Company constantly carries out major upgrades on its international undersea fibre optic cables. It has also invested in other submarine cable projects, such as the Europe-India Gateway and the West Africa Cable System, to enhance the resilience of its international connectivity.

One of the most notable advances since 2017 was the island-wide coverage of Mauritius with very high speed 4G mobile network to ensure that customers enjoy an enhanced mobile internet experience on their smartphones and tablets.

Mauritius Telecom also commissioned a Tier IV, Uptime Institute certified, greenfield data centre in Rose Belle. It is a 3-megawatt facility with 2,000 m2 whitespace, which can accommodate 350+ server racks in six state-of-the-art data centre halls. The data centre provides infrastructure, platform hosting and cloud-computing services to global players and will give impetus to the transition of Mauritius into a recognised and well established ICT hub with the objective of enhancing the ICT sector as a key pillar of the economy.

Products and services

Mauritius Telecom provides fixed-line, mobile, internet, TV and mobile money services. Following an important brand evolution in 2017, all Mauritius Telecom’s products and services were regrouped under a single commercial brand, my.t.

Mauritius Telecom enjoys close strategic partnerships with key content providers enabling it to provide its customers with a vast range of programmes - more than 100 TV channels including HD & premium English football channels.

MT has also partnered with popular content providers (such as Google, Facebook and Netflix) who have installed their cache servers locally in its content delivery network infrastructure. This means for instance that most popular YouTube videos can be accessed instantaneously as the content is on its local servers.

With the introduction of the 4K Smart Box in 2019, my.t customers can convert their TV sets into smart TVs and reap the benefits of the convergence between the world of TV channels and that of apps.

To help local businesses grow and prosper, Mauritius Telecom has launched affordable fibre offers specifically for this market. New Business Boost fibre packages of 20,50 and 100 Mbps are offered to encourage small businesses to go digital, help them flourish and become more competitive.

Since 2015, the Company has significantly decreased its tariffs for ICT/BPO operators by an average of 60%. This has made ICT/BPO operators more competitive worldwide and has led to an AT Kearney BPO report raising Mauritius’ ranking as a BPO destination.

Over and above the usual internet and mobile solutions, Mauritius Telecom has also launched several apps such as Traffic Watch updated with Live Drone view, my.t TopUp and more recently, my.t weather, which has been downloaded more than 53,000 times.

Creating value for our customers

In addition to heavy investments in the latest technological platforms, Mauritius Telecom gives special attention to the quality of its service so as to provide its customers with an unmatched experience.

Since 2015, innovation has been at the heart of the Company’s key actions. The team is committed to providing its customers with new tools and capabilities that simplify their lives in this increasingly complex connected world.

Our CSR commitment

Mauritius Telecom places great importance on striking the right balance between deployment of the latest technologies and their access to all socio-economic strata of the society.

Through the Mauritius Telecom Foundation (MTF) which is responsible for managing the Group’s CSR programme, the Company promotes sustainable socio-economic development initiatives and continues to live up to its commitment as a socially responsible and caring corporate entity. It works with several NGOs in Mauritius and Rodrigues to support community projects in the fields of ICT, social housing, education, health, disabilities, sport and the environment.

Since 2017, the MTF has been supporting national projects which reach out to the community, are sustainable and enhance people’s lives.

The Foundation has funded the installation of 350 Wi-Fi hotspots in public locations such as Community Centres, Social Welfare Centres, Women Centres, Youth Centres, Village Halls and Post Offices with the aim to democratise internet access and bridge the digital divide.

Another revolutionary initiative was the setting up of MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas) in different parts of Mauritius. MUGA is the first technology enabled Community based Fun and Fitness movement which promotes healthy living through physical activity for all segments of the population.