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Our People

The core of our success - our people

Acknowledging that our people constitutes one of the main pillars of the success of Mauritius Telecom, crafting distinctive employee propositions to consolidate competitive people advantage is high on the agenda of the company. Driven by the promise to create an amazing place to work, we have a highly motivated and multi-talented staff of 2205 employees comprising of the highest number of engineers and technical staff in the country.

We have undergone a complete review of our organisation structure in order to provide more agility and flexibility to our operations. There is great focus on the service delivery and quality of service delivered to our customers. In this respect, the review of our customer journey has been complemented by the up skilling and reskilling of our workforce. With the introduction of new technologies, we have brought in new competences thereby enhancing our talent pool.

Regular coaching helps our people to identify their unique strengths and weaknesses and tie them to their career and personal aspirations.

Wellness: Valuing our workforce

Mauritius Telecom considers that supporting its people must begin at the most fundamental level – their physical and mental health and wellbeing. We recognise that our employees are at their most productive and creative level when they are in an environment that supports their health and wellbeing. Accordingly, we boast ourselves to have the best wellness programme in the country which houses several facilities to promote staff wellbeing. These include keep-fit facilities with qualified instructors at different office locations and cafeteria facilities at subsidised prices. Indoor and outdoor sports activities are equally regularly held, where our people get the opportunity to demonstrate their sportsmanship spirit

Our approach to people development

At Mauritius Telecom, we believe that investing in the development of our people gives us the expertise we need to deliver above and beyond. The setting up of the Telecom Campus, a state of the art facility, has been a step in this direction where we provide capacity building in a wide range of courses with the support of both internal and external resource persons. The Company also benefits from knowledge transfer through its affiliations with international telecommunications organisations, suppliers and other ICT stakeholders. Many of our staff also participate in local and overseas conferences, workshops, and seminars and thereafter share the knowledge to a larger pool.

Conditions of Work and Incentives

Being an employer of choice with a caring culture, we have a low rate of staff turnover and are known to offer the best conditions of employment and fair and just remuneration to our workforce. These include a generous and competitive package of rewards schemes and incentive in both monetary and non-monetary terms. These schemes reward loyalty and outstanding performances at all levels. On top of the traditional end-of-year bonus, we have introduced an additional bonus linked to the profits made over the year.

Safety and Health

Safety and Health constitutes one of the company's priorities. We ensure that all our stakeholders are covered through a sound safety and health policy that enhances security at the workplace. Precautionary measures are taken in order to minimise workplace accidents. In this respect, regular awareness sessions and drills are carried out to ensure that staff do not relax their vigilance.

Mauritius Telecom takes all steps to provide a safe and sound working environment to its entire staff. These include a clean workplace, ergonomically designed work stations, access to medical care and an overall conducive environment.

Company doctors are available for consultation during working hours and staff medical schemes have been put in place to cater for medical expenses.