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Rodrigues Office

Rodrigues, an island of volcanic origin situated some 550 kms north-east of Mauritius, is the tenth district of the Republic of Mauritius. With an area of 110 square kms, Rodrigues has a population of approximately 36,000 inhabitants originating from several countries of Africa, Europe and Asia. Fishing and animal rearing are the main economic activities. The natural beauty of the island, coupled with its blue and turquoise lagoon and its calm and relaxing environment, make it an ideal tourism attraction. Mauritius Telecom operates a fully digital telecommunication network on the island to provide fixed-line, data, mobile and Internet services. Rodrigues has international connectivity through satellite systems..


Mauritius Telecom
Rodrigues Office
Mont Venus Rodrigues
Tel: +230 8311532
Fax: +230 8311125